Badar and brothers, Company
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Badar and brothers, Company


Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar, Small Indusrial Estate, Kohat Road


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Company Badar and brothers, Company

Our company has been established since 1941, working in the field of Manufacturing, Import/Export, Wholesale & Retail, business of all sorts of small, medium and heavy weapons and its accessories for the consumption of Public Law Enforcement Agencies, Para-Military forces and Military, respectively. Moreover, the manufacturing of anti-riot weapon such as:- Tear Gas Gun 37/38mm Vary light Flare Pistols etc (Brochures enclosed is carried over as per demand of the law enforcement and para-military forces. It may be extended to furthermore if given a chance to develop other such products, indigenously. Moreover, the company is capable of importing the 1-Anti-Riot Equipment, 2-EOD Equipment from China, Europe and USA (Brochures enclosed) 3- Security System The company started its manufacturing unit of small arms & ammunition in 1952 and distribute its product down country for public consumption. We have our best product of weapons & ammunition by the name of Special Star and Star Fire Arms, which has been widely acclaimed and popular with our customers, all over Pakistan.


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